Be Proactive About Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment

Most youngsters don’t receive orthodontic treatment until all of their permanent teeth come in. However, in many cases it’s easier and more effective to begin addressing orthodontic issues much sooner. Myofunctional orthodontic treatment can begin as young as 3 years old. With Myobrace treatment your child will:

  • Wear a lightweight oral appliance for an hour or two a day and overnight while sleeping
  • Perform daily exercises that promote proper breathing, swallowing, and tongue and facial muscle position

The appliances, combined with the daily exercises, gently move your child’s jaw forward into a position that creates more room for their teeth to come in with no reduced crowding. This proactive treatment can reduce the need for more traditional orthodontic treatment like braces later on.

Unlike metal braces, the appliances are easy to keep clean and won’t affect what your child can eat.

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