Transform Your Sleep With A Simple Oral Device

Like many of our patients, you may not even be aware that you snore. However, your bed partner may have a different story to tell. Your snoring could be keeping them (and others in your household) awake at night. All that can change with help from Dr. Walker. After an evaluation to rule out more serious sleep issues, she can have a custom snoring mouthguard made just for you.

Unlike anything you’d find at the store, this device is customized to the precise measurements of your mouth so it sits comfortably in your mouth while you sleep. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Your snore guard will push your lower jaw slightly forward to open a pathway in the back of your throat for air to pass through. This will be enough to reduce or entirely eliminate snoring.
  • If you struggle with grinding your teeth while you sleep, this oral device will help. It provides a barrier between your teeth so you avoid the damage to your teeth enamel caused by grinding and clenching.

It’s time to wake up feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep! Contact us today at 620-214-5057 to get an Anthony snore guard that can change your life or to schedule your next regular checkup.